Build Offline Capable React Native Apps

Project Setup & Overview

In order to dive right into the project I've gone ahead and created a simple starter project for you.

Download the starter project.

This project uses Expo but you're welcome to use the React Native CLI instead. The concepts are exactly the same.


If you've never used Expo before, make sure you have the dependencies installed.

Once you've download the project, be sure to install the dependencies. I suggest using Yarn but NPM will work fine as well.

yarn install


  • iOS: yarn run ios
  • Android: yarn run android

Android Users: If you experience issues when testing offline try starting the Expo packager with the yarn start --offline command and then in Expo dev tools set the connection type to "local".

You can open the Expo dev tools by pressing "d" in the terminal window where the Expo packager is running.

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