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Spencer Carli

Developer, cat dad, and devout pizza lover. Teaching at React Native School and building apps with Handlebar Labs.

Last Updated: January 20, 2021

You're building an app but it's just missing... something. A certain je ne sais quoi.

Figuring out what it is that's actually missing isn't easy, but maybe we can help.

Below is a curated list of resources to aid in adding that special something to your mobile app.


Whether it's seeding your database with existing data or just making your seed data more real, below are some resources to help you get great data into your app.

Images & Icons

Images and icons take your app to the next level. Here are some great royalty free and low cost options.

UX Inspiration

Why reinvent the wheel? Learn how other developers have structure their user flows and emulate that which you like.

UI Kits

Design is hard. Implementing a design takes time. Here are some UI kits to help you get started

Design Inspiration

Need help getting out of a design rut? Here are our go to resources.


When it's time to get some help on your project here's where we go.

Do you have a favorite resource when building apps? Let us know!

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