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Build a Chat App with React Native and Firebase

Configure and leverage Firebase to build a chat app with anonymous authentication!

Last Updated: Apr 8th, 2022

Welcome! In this class we're going to cover how to build a basic chat app in React Native.

To accomplish this we'll heavily rely on the services Firebase provides (Authentication, Firestore). We'll interact with Firebase via the react-native-firebase suite of packages.

We'll also be using react-native-gifted-chat to easily build a fully functioning chat UI.

If you're in need of building a chat app, or wanting to add chat functionality to your existing React Native app, this is the class for you!

Good training. Helped me to get familiar with react native. I'm new as developer and the exercise app will help me to support me in my future apps.


What's Inside?

This course will give you an introduction on using Firebase in a React Native app - data management, permissions, and authentication. We cover it all!

It covers topics like:

  • Learn to install and configure Firebase in a React Native app
  • Configure and use Firebase Authentication
  • Work with Firestore to manage realtime data
  • How to use Firestore security rules

Module 1


I love the way the project is presented, steadily building up and adding features as you go as the different concepts are explained. Really well done course.

Alejandro M.

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Build a Chat App with React Native and Firebase

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Spencer has a great teaching style, and effortlessly conveys the material in a logical manner. It is easy to learn from him and that is a testament to his skill!

Nathan L.