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    Component Testing with React Native Testing Library

    In this lesson we'll cover how to setup and use react-native-testing-library to write high quality integration tests for your React Native app.

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    Mocking Fetch API Calls When Using Jest

    In this lesson we'll learn how to mock fetch in your Jest tests.

    Test Driven Development with AsyncStorage

    In this lesson we'll learn how to do test driven development when using the AsyncStorage library.

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    Breaking Down React Native v0.60

    In this lesson we'll discuss the biggest changes to React Native v0.60 for developers with existing React Native apps.

    Integrating React Navigation Back Button with a WebView

    In this lesson we'll learn to integrate the existing back button in React Native to also serve as the back button for an embedded WebView.

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    Building a Dimensions Hook in React Native

    In this lesson we'll create a hook that listens to any dimension changes in our app.

    Migrating Data in AsyncStorage

    Despite our best efforts we're never going to store our data exactly right in AsyncStorage. Here's how we can migrate the data when we outgrow the current structure.

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    Handling Deep Links with React Navigation

    Learn to handle deep links from within your application to take the user where they expect to go.

    Install and Use Reactotron for Debugging

    In this lesson we'll learn how to take your debugging experience to the next level with Reactotron.

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    Complex Navigation Example with React Navigation

    React Navigation is the go to solution for navigation in React Native apps.

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    React Native School has helped 15,000+ developers level up their React Native skills.

    woot woot, just got an app approved on the app store with my first submission! wouldn't have happened without all the good insights from @spencercarli. thanks man!

    -Rob Carter

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I just built and pushed my first react native app to the App Store. You have NO idea how much time, stress and anxiety you've saved me with this video series. I learned so much from these. New tools, and methods of building for production. I'm not even done yet, I just had to stop and thank you before I continued. YOU. ROCK. simple as that.

    -Jonathan Wheat

    Spencer Carli's courses and tutorials have been an immense help to me on my journey to become an Android and iOS mobile app programmer. I've learned not only how to create dynamically functional React Native + Meteor apps, but how to write cleaner, more concise code as well. He has taught me to better utilize the React Native component model--which, along with its cross-platform nature is really its core strength and saves one from redundancy--and to employ Meteor's amazing responsiveness in my apps. All this, and he has always been there with an answer when I've run up against one of those frustrating coding problems as well! I recommend his courses highly.

    -Ken Wishart

    Keep up the great work. You are making this whole "teach yourself how to build apps in your minimal spare time" endeavor rather enjoyable.

    -Casey Rieder

    Spencer Carli's React Native course is the best value for the money I have spent learning while learning a new technology. Not only do you build a functioning app but along the way you learn the industry's best practices. I personally found Spencer's technical explanations to be helpful as I do not like to write code without knowing why or how it works.

    -Toul Cranmer

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      New Lesson Each Week
      Free Access to 4 Classes
      Easy Access to Years of Lessons
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      Private Community
      Support Tutorial Creation
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