Build an E-Commerce App with React Native and Stripe

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Throughout this course I'll walk you through how to build an E-Commerce app, using React Native, that runs on iOS and Android.

You'll learn how to set up user accounts, create a persistent shopping cart, and complete payment with Stripe.

Doing this extends beyond just building a mobile app - there are plenty of things that need to be handled on the server as well.

With that, you'll learn how to design, interact with, and manage a database, securely store user account information, and safely talk to Stripe to manage all sensitive financial information.

What's Used to Build a React Native E-Commerce App

To build the mobile apps we're using

  • React Native - Write a native iOS and Android app using Javascript, JSX, and the React framework.
  • Stripe - Use the official Stripe package to securely handle checkout - including remembering user's card information
  • React Query - Easily working with remote data
  • Zustand - Handle global dynamically changing account information that persists across user sessions
  • React Navigation - All the navigation needs of a mobile app. We'll also cover how to customize it.

To build the server we're using

  • Next.JS API Routes - Manage our serverless based REST API
  • Prisma - Coordinate everything with our database - tables, migrations, and CRUD operations.
  • JSON Web Tokens + bcrypt - Secure account management
  • Stripe - Collect money from your users without having to worry about storing credit card information


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