Learn to

Build a Component Library with Storybook

Learn to create a library of components that are easy to use, self documenting, and easily tested.

Last Updated: Mar 8th, 2022

Build Better Components (and Remember How They Work)

Throughout this guide you'll learn how to build a component library using Storybook.

Why build a component library with Storybook?

  • Self documenting
  • Iterate on components independently of the rest of your application- Reduced code duplication
  • Less bugs
  • Intentional and clear API
  • Free components tests

Throughout this class I'm referencing a form design by Emmanuel Torres. I'll discuss my process on how I break a UI into components in a later lesson.

This is an incredibly helpful class that can help you build great components. It is highly recommended for those who have never used Storybook before.

Amjad O.

What's Inside?

12 lessons designed to get you up and running with Storybook in React Native. We'll install the library in our app and walk you through a usable workflow to build higher quality components.

It covers topics like:

  • Install Storybook
  • Building Components
  • Automatically Load Components in Storybook
  • Automatic Snapshot Tests
  • Exercises to Practice Using Storybook

Module 1


This course was super valuable, I learned how to write components for a React Native app and how to use Expo. Additionally, after following this course I found my mobile app project to contain a lot of clean code with modular components and meaningful variable names.


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Building a Component Library with Storybook

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