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Build an API With Next.js API Routes, Apollo Server, MongoDB, and Mongoose

Learn to build a GraphQL API using Apollo Server and MongoDB - all hosted via Next.js.

Last Updated: Apr 11th, 2022

Welcome! In this class we're going to learn how to build an API to support a future mobile app.


Throughout this class we'll learn to leverage:

  • Next.js - Host our API via API Routes
  • MongoDB - Database to store our data
  • Mongoose - Schema management for MongoDB
  • Apollo Server - Manage our GraphQL API


You'll want to be familiar with what each of those terms above are. You'll also need an understanding basic JavaScript.

Let's get to it!

I love the way the project is presented, steadily building up and adding features as you go as the different concepts are explained. Really well done course.

Alejandro M.

What's Inside?

This course will help you become more of a full-stack developer by exposing you to creating an API via NextJS and storing data in a MongoDB databse.

It covers topics like:

  • Configure MongoDB & Mongoose ORM
  • Access MongoDB from a NextJS API Route
  • Mutating data via API Routes
  • Securely store user data in MongoDB
  • Setup Graphql resolvers that require authentication
  • Managing an authentication system with Graphql

Module 1


Great material straight to the point and clearly explained

Tapiwa M.

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Building an API With Next.js API Routes, Apollo Server, MongoDB, and Mongoose

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It was really fantastic course! Thank you for recording this. It is highly recommended for beginners

Saeed A.