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Build Offline Capable React Native Apps

Learn how to build a fully offline capable React Native app!

Last Updated: Feb 28th, 2022

As mobile app developers we've got a lot of considerations to account for.

Including the lack of a network connection.

What will happen to our app when a user is offline? What kind of functionality is expected from my users when they're offline?

I've broken this down into four categories:

  1. No offline management
  2. Simple notifications due to lack of network access
  3. Read capabilities while offline
  4. Write capabilities while offline

We'll cover all four levels in this course by incrementally implementing each one into an app geared towards people who will be using the app while offline.

If an offline experience is important to your users be sure to join!

I got response from Spencer when I got stuck, I didn't expect that. It was a very well organized course. Very happy with it.

Saroj N.

What's Inside?

Offline functionality can be a relatively simple topic or a very complex one. This course will walk you through how to implement an offline strategy that works for your needs.

It covers topics like:

  • How to catch network related errors
  • Tracking a user's current network connection
  • Disabling features based on network connection
  • Making your app work offline by caching results
  • Storing & reconciling actions taken while offline
  • Implementing optimistic updates

Module 1


I love the way the project is presented, steadily building up and adding features as you go as the different concepts are explained. Really well done course.

Alejandro M.

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Build Offline Capable React Native Apps

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Spencer has a great teaching style, and effortlessly conveys the material in a logical manner. It is easy to learn from him and that is a testament to his skill!

Nathan L.