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Configure Deep Linking with React Navigation v5

Learn to configure deep links and universal links for use in your React Native apps.

Last Updated: Mar 14th, 2022

Deep links are a great way to get your users exactly where they need to be from a variety of places. In this class you'll learn how to configure your iOS and Android app to capture deep links as well as configure React Navigation to handle that link appropriately. Additionally, you'll learn how to configure universal links allowing you to have the maximum amount of flexibility!

Note: This is for v5 of the React Navigation API!

Hey @spencer_carli ! thank you, because of you I learned Deep linking in an easy way, you put a lot effort in your courses

Alma J.

What's Inside?

Deep links are a feature that users expect but can be challenging to configure because your code needs to touch React Native, iOS, and Android.

It covers topics like:

  • Configure deep linking on iOS and Android
  • Learn how to test deep links in development
  • Opening nested screens from a deep link
  • Pass arguments to screens from a deep link
  • Configure universal links

Module 1


This is so great explanation! easy to understand also..


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Deep Linking with React Navigation v5

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I love the clarity you provide throughout your lessons. Succinct, clear, no BS, no waffling ... Thank you!!

David F.