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Spencer Carli

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Last Updated: September 18, 2017

Introducing the easiest way to find React Native developers & get hired as a React Native developer.

At Handlebar Labs I train people to become React Native developers. Part of that training is exchanging emails with the students to help them through any of the material. Once someone has worked through a course one of the most common questions I receive is

Do you know of any companies looking to hire React Native developers?

And I do! Because another question I often receive is

Do you know of any developers looking for React Native work?

I get at least a dozen of these emails per week and I try my best to link up developers and companies but I inevitably miss some (probably a lot). I want to reduce the number of missed connections that could have resulted in great working relationships because of me.

That’s why I put together Work React Native last night.

It’s a simple & free service to connect developers with companies.

I’m a developer looking for React Native work

Sign up for the email list and every Monday I’ll send you a list of positions added that week. Each position will have a position title, position description, and link to get in touch with the person/company. That’s it.

I’m a company looking for a React Native developer

Fill out the Google form with the required info (title, short description, and url to reach you) and your position will be sent out the following Monday. If you don’t find the right developer that week fill out the form again and it will be shared again.

That’s it. Nothing fancy. Completely free. I put it together to help people find work, reduce my email volume (I’m already slow to reply), and help reduce the email volume of others who receive similar questions.

I hope it will help you find some React Native work/developers! If you think it will benefit someone else be sure to recommend/clap for this article & share it to increase visibility.


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