List of React Native/Expo Templates Created by React Native School


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Last Updated: June 8, 2021

We create a lot of React Native projects here at React Native School. Project setup can take a decent chunk of time.

With that, we've created a handful of super simple templates to kick start any React Native project.

Each one includes:

  • Eslint & Prettier configured
  • React Navigation v5
  • Testing Configured
  • Simple project structure
  • Small component library to get started with

There are versions written in JavaScript and TypeScript targetting React Native and Expo. The actual content of each template is exactly the same though.

Expo Templates


expo init my-app --template @react-native-school/expo-template

More info on @react-native-school/expo-template


expo init --template @react-native-school/expo-typescript-template

More info on @react-native-school/expo-typescript-template

React Native Templates


npx react-native init AppName --template @react-native-school/react-native-template

More info on @react-native-school/react-native-template


npx react-native init AppName --template @react-native-school/react-native-typescript-template

More info on @react-native-school/react-native-typescript-template.

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