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Configure Localization in your React Native

Learn how to support multiple languages in your app.

Last Updated: Mar 8th, 2022

Support multiple languages in your React Native app

One of the coolest parts of building software products is that people all around the world can use them. With that comes the reality that not everyone speaks the same language!

You've got to factor in a few things when managing multiple lanaguges...

What package(s) make things easy?

How do you detect what language the user has their device set to?

What if you missed a translation?!

And how do you manage a massive list of different translations across a dozen languages?

These are all topics that we cover in the React Native School on Localization. I've had experience building apps that REQUIRED accurate multi-language support and summed up my views and experiences into this course.

I have worked with apps using internalization, the object to add a new translate was so large and it was impossible read it, the way to manage the translates is awesome. Thanks.

Carlos A.

What's Inside?

This course will show you how to natively support a variety of languages for users around the world.

It covers topics like:

  • What libraries to use
  • How to detect and use the system language
  • Easily manage all of your translations
  • Language fallback for missing translations

Module 1


Spencer has a great teaching style, and effortlessly conveys the material in a logical manner. It is easy to learn from him and that is a testament to his skill!

Nathan L.

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I was blown away! I'm a huge fan of Wes Bos' react courses but he has nothing on React Native. Someone in that community recommended this course as being similar. Spencer is extremely knowledgeable, and clear. His examples are great and the progression is logical and well-placed, with nothing extraneous. He definitely helped me avoid some pitfalls in moving from React to React Native!

Michael B.