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Publish a React Native App to the App Store

A step-by-step guide on how to publish an app to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Last Updated: Apr 5th, 2022

Mobile development can be tricky. Compared to the web there are a lot of hoops we have to jump through to get our app into the hands of our target users. Double that for us as React Native developers since we need to handle both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store!

Fortunately, the steps aren't complex. There's just a lot of things we need to setup in order to publish our apps. I'll walk you through the entire process for both iOS and Android.

I took this class because I was intimidated by Apple and Google and all the hoops you have to jump through to get an app published. This course showed me easier ways to deal with the process, how to set things up for future updates and just reassured me that I was doing things properly. Before I took it I was struggling to understand certificates and provisioning profiles, but this makes it pretty easy. Definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to streamline their publishing process.

Jonathan W.

What's Inside?

Submitting your first app to production can be super intimidating but this course simplifies the process and shows you exactly what you need and how to submit it in order to get your app approved.

It covers topics like:

  • Create & add every icon you need
  • Setup splash screens
  • Create iOS & Android production builds
  • Submit iOS & Android to their respective app stores

Module 1


I got response from Spencer when I got stuck, I didn't expect that. It was a very well organized course. Very happy with it.

Saroj N.

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Publishing a React Native App to the App Store

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Very good course for the beginners to start with, each topic is explained very well.

Randhir S.