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Setup Push Notifications with React Native Firebase

Learn to configure and use push notifications on iOS and Android using Firebase.

Last Updated: Apr 13th, 2022

Getting people to use your app is a requirement for a successful mobile app.

But getting people into your app continually can be challenging.

Push notifications are the best way to engage your user - to push content to them.

But setting them up requires you to

  • Configure iOS & integrate with Apple
  • Configure Android & integrate with Google
  • Pull it all together in React Native

We've got so much flexibility by using React Native.

But sometimes we need to work directly with the underlying platforms.

This course will show you how to set up and use push notifications as well as customize it so that you request push notification permission at the right time.

Because if they deny you the ability to send push notifications you're going to have a hard time engaging with them.

This course is hyper focused and will show you what you need to know to get push notifications setup the right way.

Simple and clean, thanks for this course.


What's Inside?

Push notifications don't have to be hard but there are a series of steps you have to follow to use the. This course walks you through exactly how to do it.

It covers topics like:

  • Install the various services needed from React Native Firebase
  • Configure iOS and Android to allow push notifications
  • The right way to request permissions for notifications
  • Deal with notifications in the foreground and background
  • Navigate based on notification payload
  • How to send messages to individuals & groups

Module 1


Appreciate Spencer's level of detail and clear speech.


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Push Notifications with React Native Firebase

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This is so great explanation! easy to understand also..