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Last Updated: Apr 18th, 2022

Interested in building high quality mobile apps for iOS and Android?

Not sure how to get started or looking for some guidance?

Well, look no further because React Native Basics is for you!

In this course I'll walk you through, step-by-step, how to set up your development environment all the way through getting a functional currency converting app running on your phone.

I'm Spencer Carli. I've been building mobile apps with React Native since 2015 (literally days after it was open sourced).

Back then, not much content existed on how to build quality apps with React Native so I've had to learn through experience.

And I've got a lot of that. I've been part of 12+ React Native apps reaching a million+ users, including the 2018 winter Olympics.

React Native Basics is the down-and-dirty here's how to get up and running building apps with React Native that I wish existed when I got started.

Can't I Just Read the Docs?

Yes! Do that. They're amazing and maintained by some of the most dedicated developers I've met.

But the docs are there to teach you how to learn the framework, not necessarily how to build a full blown app.

Or to teach the nitty gritty "why isn't my content aligned correctly?"

Or, "how do I move that damn input out from behind the keyboard".

This course teaches you the foundational knowledge you need to glue together a truly functional mobile app.

I want to personally thank you for creating this platform for web devs like myself that are very new to the industry. Right now I am creating a React Native app for a project at work and I could not imagine getting this far without your course.

Charletta B.

What's Inside?

React Native Basics is 40 lessons that will start you from - "I have a computer and want to learn to make a mobile app" to a functioning currency converter app.

It covers topics like:

  • How to setup your React Native development environment
  • Build a solid foundation to create an easy to maintain app
  • Create custom screens and components
  • Interact with third party libraries
  • Capture and use user input
  • Navigation in multiple scenarios
  • Details that make your app look and function great
  • How to interact with APIs
Spencer's courses and tutorials have been an immense help to me on my journey to become an Android and iOS mobile app programmer. He has taught me to better utilize the React Native component model--which, along with its cross-platform nature is really its core strength and saves one from redundancy. All this, and he has always been there with an answer when I've run up against one of those frustrating coding problems as well! I recommend his courses highly.

Ken W.

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React Native Basics

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Spencer Carli's React Native course is the best value for the money I have spent learning while learning a new technology. Not only do you build a functioning app but along the way you learn the industry's best practices. I personally found Spencer's technical explanations to be helpful as I do not like to write code without knowing why or how it works.

Toul C.