Updated September 29, 2021

Sunsetting Work React Native

Back in September of 2017 we set out to create a hand-curated mailing list dedicated to React Native specific jobs.

Since that time we've sent over 450 jobs to our subscribers!

We're proud of what Work React Native has been over these past 4 years but it's time for us to sunset the job list.

Why?! Are there no React Native jobs?! Is React Native DEAD?! Far from it - we've been averaging 10+ jobs each week (remember, hand-curated - only the best jobs would be added).

The reality is that it takes a fair amount of time and energy to curate this list each week and, after discussions with some subscribers and companies posting jobs, the value just wasn't there any more compared to some other options out there.

By shutting down Work React Native it frees us up to focus on what we're best at - React Native training. Helping you, the developer, be ready to take on a React Native position with confidence.

Where to find React Native jobs

Obviously we don't want to leave you hanging so we've compiled a list of places to find React Native Jobs.

We wrote about many of these previously as we would use them to source jobs for Work React Native.

Thanks for the journey on Work React Native these past few years! We're excited to continue focusing on training here at React Native School!

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