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Last Updated: April 3, 2017


I’ve spent a lot of time working with React Native. I started using it very shortly after it was open sourced and have used it daily since that time — growing with the platform, experiencing different upgrading pains, transitioning between different navigators, and so on…

I’ve also spent a lot of time putting together tutorials about React Native (40+ blog posts, 15+ videos) and talking to people getting started with it (hundreds of incredible emails).

Everyone has their own way of getting into React Native — different backgrounds and different ways of learning. It’s been awesome to hear about all of these stories and has been one of my favorite pieces of this experience.

I started wondering though, what’s the smallest amount of information that will give you the most results. Thinking about it from an 80/20 perspective, what’s the 20% of information that will give me 80% of the results? How do you get the biggest bang for your (mental) buck?

These are the things I find myself doing time and time again — regardless of the complexity of an application, experience of the team involved, or amount of time allocated for the project.

  • Creating the various screens of the app
  • Making a scrolling list of data
  • Navigation
  • Designing and building components
  • Using Flexbox
  • Installing and using icons
  • Organizing the project

It can take some time to figure out how to do it the first time. That’s something I, and I’m sure others experienced with the technology, often forget. There are a ton of great learning resources out there already but they can be scattered between dozens of blog posts, in a less than ideal format (some people like text, some like video, etc.), and some people just aren’t ready to invest hours upon hours researching yet.

With all of this information I wanted to try my hand at putting together the easiest way to start learning React Native. A time friendly, budget friendly, single source of information to get you that essential 20% of knowledge.

That’s what Create Your First React Native App is. It’s 3.5 hours of exercise based learning that will progressively get you building your first application, serve as a future point of reference, at a price that’s accessible to people around the world. The course is hosted on Udemy and is available today.

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If you’ve read or watched any of the content I’ve put together in the past you know what to expect (if not check out my Medium profile).

What if you’ve already created a React Native app?

My best answer is to check out the course curriculum and see if you would benefit from any of it. Ask yourself, are you comfortable with your knowledge? Do you ever feel like you’re hacking your way along without actually knowing what you’re doing? Are there things you want to learn that you just haven’t had time for yet? Or think of it this way, if you value your time at $30 per hour and it saves you even an hour of your time, the course will have paid for itself.

I’m excited to share this with you and I hope that it will make using React Native more accessible to more people!

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