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Understand and Leverage Context for React Native Apps

In this course you'll get a quick, yet comprehensive, introduction to when and how to effectively use React Context in your React Native app.

Last Updated: Feb 14th, 2022

I got on the Redux band wagon pretty early on. From using Redux I developed a lot of habits - programming patterns that just made sense.

When Redux started to fall out of favor for other alternatives I felt lost at times. Particularly around how I could share global state throughout my app and still tap into the wonderful rendering engine that we have in React (Native).

Today I want to show you how to master the usage of React Context - a means to globally share data in your app.

Throughout this class I'm going to be talking about a lot of concepts. Focus on the concept presented in the lesson. At the end I'll provide an example that pulls everything we discuss together that you can run.

This course is awesome for anyone who needs to get started developing mobile application in React Native. I took the course and I learned some of the best practices required when using React Native. I particularly liked the directory structure and the use of the Context API to manage global state. I would recommend anyone to take the course.

Khwilo K.

What's Inside?

This brief class will walk you through when, why, and how to use React Context.

It covers topics like:

  • When to use React Context
  • How to use React Context
  • How to organize your state for performance and developer experience

Module 1


Its just great!!

Teghdeep K.

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Very educative and well explained