Updated November 25, 2020

What to Expect from React Native School in 2021

As much fun as I've had working on React Native School for the past few years, I've never really defined who it's for. I just wrote content based on what I was working on at the moment.

This worked well enough when I was learning React Native and building my first few apps.

But as I work on more complex/mundane things in my day-to-day React Native work I've found it increasingly hard to write about what I'm working.

Why? Because there are so many assumptions I have to make/background code I have to provide.

It gets tough.

And the reality is a lot of that stuff is super niche and can be hard to understand. Thus people aren't (understandably) reading it.

I've found myself then jumping to the opposite extreme and creating super beginner content. While this is valuable, it doesn't serve those of you already following React Native School, and when someone completes that piece, I don't give you anywhere to further your knowledge.

So, with that said...

Who is React Native School For

Starting in 2021, I'm going to be tailoring my content for the following groups of people:


If you're working on your own, juggling a couple of clients, and have built a reputation you're proud of then I want React Native School to help you maintain that reputation.


Say you have a client you've been working with for a year but now they want a mobile app.

Or one client refers you to someone else who needs a mobile app.

The job sounds interesting and you've been wanting to build a mobile app but you're not 100% confident in doing so yet.

If this is you then React Native School will provide the following resources:

  1. Checklists to make sure you dot all the i's and cross all the t's
  2. Provide guidance and resources to build a solid yet flexible foundation to build the client's project on top of
  3. Provide you a place to do some "rubber duck debugging" when you get stuck

Technical Cofounders

Based on what I've learned from speaking with technical cofounders, you've got a lot on your plate. Not only are you in the code but you're also helping build the business, hire, etc.

It's a lot.

For you, I want React Native School to:

  1. Provide you with a foundation to build your entire app on. Not just the MVP which you then have to rewrite from scratch.
  2. Give you tools and resources to make onboarding new hires easier and get everyone onto the same page faster.
  3. Help you get the 80% that's common (navigation, over the air updates, etc.) done faster (and better) so you can focus on building what is unique to your business.

Employees Working on Early Stage Apps

I've had the opportunity to be one of the first people to work with a technology within a company. Whether you like it or not you quickly become the de facto "React Native" person.

Opportunity for growth within the company? Definitely.

It's a first step to a leadership role.

But you don't want to run the whole company towards a less-than-ideal solution, let alone a single project.

So for my early adopter employees React Native School will help you:

  1. Ensure you're building a solid foundation of knowledge to pass along to the entire company
  2. Get the first project started on a solid foundation that allows for easy growth
  3. Give you a place to get unstuck when you inevitably hit a wall

Who is React Native School NOT For

No one solution will work for everyone so to save you some potential frustration here's who I would actively encourage to not join React Native School.

Late Stage React Native Apps/Highly Complex App Builders

You probably have your ways of doing things and a strong why behind those. You've invested the hours after all!

If you've got an established app or you've been working for React Native for a while and have a handful of apps under your belt already you probably won't get much from React Native School.

The focus here is the 80% that's common across all mobile apps but you've probably already got systems established for that.

If you've got a question about where to look for something then feel free to reach out and I'll try to help point you in the right direction.

Folks Looking for Quick Solutions

Mad respect to those of you who turn out a high volume of projects across a breadth of different technologies but if that's you than React Native School isn't for you.

Though I'll provide the resources to point you to the most appropriate answer whenever possible there will never be a "1 quick command to build your own Facebook".

I'll help you learn as quickly as possible, but using React Native School will still take work to learn the concepts and technologies.

We're here to help in the long game.

Content Expectations

What can you expect from the actual content of React Native School in 2021?


When I first started writing about React Native I wrote and published something each and every week for, I believe, 2 years.

That was a winning strategy!

I was able to provide value to a lot of people and helped people solve the problems they were having.

It also allowed me to build a good size audience.

But then I stopped so I could focus on "business things".

That was a mistake.

So in 2021 I plan to get back to publishing 1 piece a week.

Updated Content

This has been the biggest pain point for existing subscribers of React Native School and myself.

Generally, it's a pain in the JS ecosystem.

Out of date content.

If you're a member you should rightfully expect that the content that you're subscribing for actually works.

I haven't been good about keeping content up to date.

Why? Because it's always been disconnected. Each class requires a unique upgrade and testing process.

So with better consistency I hope that I'm more easily able to update content in a timely manner.

A to Z Guidance

Within React Native School I want to create a way for you to jump in and get value, regardless of where you are in the process.

Let's say you've already started your app and you want to get it out onto the app store. How do I do that?

And once it's out there how do I update it?

Or maybe you're about to start an app. Expo or React Native CLI? TypeScript or not?

Need to be able to upload user profile images? Here's what you need to do on the front end and the backend.

You get the point.

One place to direct you to the exact information you need in that moment.

I'm very happy with the direction and plans for React Native School in 2021. I think it will provide a better and more valuable experience for everyone.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or just want to chat feel free to send me an email: spencer@reactnativeschool.com.

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