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Building a Mobile App - What to Expect

In this super brief article I'll show you all the steps you need to hit to go from "I want to build and app" to "holy 💩, I've got an app in the app store".

12 Exercises to Learn React Native

Here are 12 exercises to help you better understand React Native

React (Native) Essentials

A quick reference document to give you all the essentials of working with React and React Native.

Breaking Down React Native v0.60

In this lesson we'll discuss the biggest changes to React Native v0.60 for developers with existing React Native apps.

React Native vs. Flutter - Which to Choose?

I'm often asked about which technology to choose, who is killing who, who's going to win and who's going to fail? Here's my running answer on the React Native vs. Flutter debate.

Fix Broken React Native Projects in Xcode 10

In this video we'll learn how to fix an issue where you're unable to build a React Native app in Xcode 10

iPhoneX Compatibility in React Native with SafeAreaView

In this video, you will learn how to use the SafeAreaView component to avoid the sensor cluster (the notch) and home activity indicator on the iPhone X.

How to Hire React Native Developers & Find React Native jobs

At Handlebar Labs I train people to become React Native developers. Part of that training is exchanging emails with the students to help them through any of the material. Once someone has worked...

React Native Basics: Copy to Clipboard

Reading and writing from the clipboard is incredibly easy in React Native by using the Clipboard API. In this quick tutorial we’ll build a…

How to Get Started with React Native

Before diving in I want to tell you a little story — I’ve been wanting to put together a simple website. Not a web app, just a simple…

How to Rename A React Native App

Renaming your React Native project is something you’ll rarely have to do, if ever. I’ve had to do it in the past and I struggled quite a…

The Easiest Way to Learn React Native

I’ve spent a lot of time working with React Native. I started using it very shortly after it was open sourced and have used it daily since…

React Conf 2017 Overview for the React Native Developer

For myself, others who didn’t attend, and those wishing to review I wanted to put together a list of presentations & announcements that…

React Native Basics: Geolocation

I’ve been using the Geolocation API in React Native a fair amount lately. It’s an API that I didn’t realize existed in React Native and…

My Process for Building a Cross Platform React Native Component

I’ve talked about sharing code between React Native on Android and iOS but this week I want to talk more about my process of building for…

Organizing a React Native Project

One of the great things about React Native is the flexibility. You can do just about anything — including organize the project however you…

Blueprint to becoming a React Native Developer

I’m a big believer in React Native — if you’re reading this you’re likely interested in it as well. The Javascript ecosystem is quickly…

Sharing Code between Android and iOS in React Native

One of the (many) advantages of writing an app with React Native is that you can write a mobile app for both iOS and Android from the same…

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