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Checklist to Deploy React Native to Production

Many React Native developers came to mobile development from a background of web development (like me). That’s one of the reasons React…

Avoid React Native Splash Screen Flash on iOS (the easy way)

When first opening your React Native app you may notice a flash between the splash screen and the app starting. Here's how to avoid that on iOS

Strengths and Limitations of Over-the-Air Updates

In this lesson we'll do a brief intro to over-the-air in React Native. The dos, don'ts, and tools to use.

CodePush Strategy for Beta Testing

In this lesson we'll go over how I enable beta testing using CodePush.

Best Practices for Capturing User Feedback in React Native

Nothing beats getting real feedback from your users - but how should you go about capturing that feedback? In this tutorial we'll discuss when you should prompt them, how you should prompt them, and what tools you can use to capture that feedback.

Setup Continuous Integration with React Native

Learn to Use Visual Studio App Center to Automatically Build and Distribute Your React Native App

Understanding React Native Deployments

If you’re coming to React Native from a web background, or if you’re new to programming in general, you may be confused about what you can…

How to Add a Splash Screen to a React Native App (iOS and Android)

I’m often asked about that last mile of developing a React Native app (actually getting it into the app store). There’s more to it than just building your app and sending it off to Apple/Google —...

Preparing a React Native Android App for Production

We’re currently going through the launch process of one of our client’s apps — an app built with React Native running on both iOS and…

React Native + CodePush

As technology changes articles get out of date. This post may be in that state now so be aware that things may not work exactly the same…

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