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Lars C.

React Native Fundamentals Workshop

I liked the course very much as well. Some exercises were easy (thank god) and some were really hard like the long lists, api and the component lifecycle ones.

9 days ago

Alejandro P.

Deep Linking with React Navigation v5

Awesome tutorial!

14 days ago

Nathan L.

Master React Navigation V5

Spencer has a great teaching style, and effortlessly conveys the material in a logical manner. It is easy to learn from him and that is a testament to his skill!

14 days ago

Michael B.

React Native Basics

I was blown away! I'm a huge fan of Wes Bos' react courses but he has nothing on React Native. Someone in that community recommended this course as being similar. Spencer is extremely knowledgeable, and clear. His examples are great and the progression is logical and well-placed, with nothing extraneous. He definitely helped me avoid some pitfalls in moving from React to React Native!

17 days ago

dover c.

React Native Basics

excellent! speaker was clear & concise!!

18 days ago

Lois G.

React Native Basics

The video class is an extremely helpful guide for people who are learning the basics of React Native. It also follows the standards mentioned in the React Native documentation.

29 days ago


React Native Basics

Great course which helps to start learning React Native. Thank you!

30 days ago


React Native Basics

He took his time while explaining and was very audible which made understanding a little better

about 1 month ago

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