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React Native Basics

You start thinking is a trivial app but you end up to learn just a lot :)

3 days ago

Danny R.

Master React Navigation V5

Awesome project, I never dabbled with RN but always wanted to, and then I got a code test for job using it this class pretty much saved me!

12 days ago

Irshad H.

React Native Basics

Best for learning basics of ReactNative

12 days ago

Anurag C.

React Native Basics

You are really doing very great buddy! This course for free is the best on react native I can get. Thanks a lot

18 days ago

Fernanda B.

React Native Basics

Great course!

19 days ago


React Native Basics

Iv'e Learned Alot from this course, Thank You

24 days ago

Jose D.

React Native Basics

This is a really good introduction to the elements I commonly see across many different apps! The course shows me how to create a multi-screen app, how to create my own re-usable components such at a text box that has common attributes so I don't need to repeat code / markup. The course also shows us a suggested folder structure that helps tame the complexity of an app that scales to a number of different screens, and a bunch of other things like showing a "loading" icon while waiting for an API to return. I'm just mentioning a few things but there's a bunch of other cool stuff if you're new to React Native.

about 1 month ago

Alejandro M.

Building an API With Next.js API Routes, Apollo Server, MongoDB, and Mongoose

I love the way the project is presented, steadily building up and adding features as you go as the different concepts are explained. Really well done course.

about 2 months ago

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