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React Native Basics

He took his time while explaining and was very audible which made understanding a little better

3 days ago

Jonathan W.

Publishing a React Native App to the App Store

I took this class because I was intimidated by Apple and Google and all the hoops you have to jump through to get an app published. This course showed me easier ways to deal with the process, how to set things up for future updates and just reassured me that I was doing things properly. Before I took it I was struggling to understand certificates and provisioning profiles, but this makes it pretty easy. Definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to streamline their publishing process.

4 days ago

Michal Z.

React Native Fundamentals Workshop

This class is awesome!!! I am a senior java developer (~10 years of exp) and I recently pivoted to react native due to change of job. If you want to quickly pickup really solid fundamentals to build your knowledge on, this is the course for you!

18 days ago


React Native Basics

A very explanatory and fast way to start programming with React-Native!

26 days ago

Joao C.

React Native Basics

I am a Computer Science student and beginner with React and JS. Very good and easy to follow intro course to both.

30 days ago

Lorin L.

React Native School Community

Not only is the course instructor very attentive but it's the first course and community I've been in (and I have been in many), where the instructor walks through every step. The tutorials and guidance given by Spencer and others are more in depth than anything else you'll find. I truly get the feeling that the goal of teaching is based upon the desire to solve problems and make solutions instead of just create tutorials and make a buck. The experience learned here cannot be replaced and I cannot recommend the content of React Native School Community enough. If you want to learn and understand, look no further.

about 1 month ago

Tapiwa M.

Master React Navigation V5

Great material straight to the point and clearly explained

about 1 month ago

Rafael O.

React Native Basics

It was amazing.

about 1 month ago

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